Tips for Newcomers

We would like to share with newcomers a few basic tips and tricks to make the transition into Hellenismos easier.

  1. Be patient; it’s going to take some time before you are on your feet. It’s worth doing your research and taking things slowly.
  2. Be critical; don’t accept lower standards from your co-religionists and leaders than you would from a doctor, lawyer or teacher. Spirituality is just as important as any other field, if not more so. Challenge people who you feel are exaggerating or lying.
  3. Know thyself ; take the time to analyse why you are pursuing religion at all, and Hellenismos in particular. Challenge your own preconceptions about religion and theism. Evaluate your own beliefs and practices for sustainability. If you see Hellenism as a life-long commitment, the it is important to be realistic about how you worship.
  4. Value all knowledge; don’t privilege the information in ‘dreams’ or ‘intuition’ above those that come through debate, study or contemplation. This is especially true if you have not studied extensively first.
  5. Seek balance; don’t let yourself become defined solely by your religious choices. Your focus should not be only on your religion, but on your family, your friends and your job.
  6. Find good teachers; every perspective is not equal – some are more informed and more profound than others. Make a point of learning from good teachers.
  7. Understand your portion; the Gods are bound by moira just as we are. You will come to a deeper understanding of the Gods, and yourself, if you take the time to learn the underlying principles of Hellenismos.
  8. Relax; in Hellenismos, it is the simple things that make a difference. A heartfelt prayer, a stick of incense or a lit candle are wonderful and appropriate ways of honouring the Gods. A shrine needs to be no more then artwork on your walls. What comes across from ancient literature are those simple but sincere acts that opens one’s mind and heart to the Gods that really matters.
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