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Elaion is project and goal orientated since there is much to do and achieve in both furthering our own spiritual lives, and the scope of the Hellenic revival. Presently, we are writing a free Hellenic primer to provide a general introduction to the practice of the ancient religion of Greece, often called Dodekatheism or Hellenismos. We are also developing a Newcomer’s Centre and stocking it with resources to assist people who are interested in our religion and want to know more.


Our key project at this time is the writing of a new Hellenic primer, to provide an in-depth introduction to the practice of the Traditional Hellenic religion (Hellenismos) in general. The primer is currently being written and edited by a team of core Elaion members, with the goal of providing a finished document by the end of 2015.

Our vision for the primer is that it will be a document that will evolve with us, being constantly updated as the need arises. It will be provided online free of charge to all people interested in the great religion of ancient Greece, and the way in which practicing it in a modern context can enrich their lives.

Tips for Newcomers
Moving into a new religion is never a simple matter. This page is for all who are contemplating Dodekatheism or Hellenismos as a possible religious practice, or for those who have taken the plunge but who could use a bit of guidance.

Elaion is passionate about spreading knowledge and theories as written by our members. We currently have a limited selection of these essays available, which we are working on expanding. You can find them here:

Practicing Apart Together (PAT) Rituals
PAT rituals are a very important part of the Elaion community. Our currently published rituals can be found here.

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