Resource Centre

Resource Centre

Elaion is project- and goal-orientated since there is much to do and achieve in both furthering our own spiritual lives, and the scope of the Hellenic revival. Presently, we are writing a free Hellenic primer to provide a general introduction to Dodekatheism. We are also developing a Newcomer’s Centre and stocking it with resources to assist people who are interested in our religion and want to know more.

We are active in our community, offering ways to connect through a forum and Facebook, as well as instigating a charity circle we have named Pandora’s Kharis and arranging rituals for all members around the world to get involved in. Below, we explain all initiatives a little more in-depth.

Elaion started on Yahoo Groups, but like our religion, we must adapt to the times. In an effort to accommodate our members, Elaion has expanded to Facebook. This page serves the same function as the Yahoo group did: to allow members to ask questions, get involved, and connect.

Our key project at this time is the writing of a new Hellenic primer, to provide an in-depth introduction to Traditional Hellenismos and Hellenismos in general. The primer is currently being written and edited by a team of core Elaion members, with the goal of providing a finished document by the end of 2021.

Our vision for the primer is that it will be a document that will evolve with us, being constantly updated as the need arises. It will be provided online free of charge to all people interested in the great religion of ancient Greece, and the way in which Traditionalist Hellenismos can enrich their lives.

Tips for Newcomers
Moving into a new religion is never a simple matter. This page is here for all those who are contemplating Hellenismos as a possible faith, or those who have taken the plunge but who could use a bit of guidance.

Elaion is passionate about spreading knowledge and theories as written by our (ex-)members. We currently have a limited selection of these essays available, which we are working on expanding. You can find them here:

Hellenic Calendar
On this page, Elaion presents an overview of the sacred month, as well as a list of the festivals of ancient Hellas, arranged in sequence to the year. Throughout this document, the names of the months are used as used by the ancient Athenians.

Practicing Apart Together (PAT) Rituals
The internet—and especially e-mail, forums, and social media—has made it possible to connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime. There are forums, groups, and lists aplenty where one can find modern practitioners. Elaion, is a good example. Yet, talking with someone is not the same as worshipping with someone, even if the discussions you are having are very in-depth and religious. Elaion’s standpoint on Hellenistic religious discussion is that it should be part of communal worship, and that communal worship needs something more: shared ritual. That is the basic foundation of group worship, and also of PAT—Practicing Apart Together.

Practicing Apart Together is based on the premise of ‘Living Apart Together’ relationships, where partners keep their own home but still form a household; PAT ritual is performed at your own home, but aligned with others around the globe. There are, of course, various ways to go about this. The simplest way is to decide on a date, a time, and a purpose and to honor in your own way. It is also possible to match time tables so all participants are executing the libation or ritual at the exact same time. Elaion organises several PAT rituals a year, for which we provide adate, a time, and a ritual outline anyone joining can follow. On the Facebook group, experiences and images are shared in order to bring the community closer.

Our currently published rituals can be found here.