Elaion is a religious organization committed to re-establishing the ancient Hellenic religion (known as Dodekatheism, Hellenic Reconstructionism, Hellenismos) to its rightful place in society. Our motto enshrines the values of “piety, tradition and virtue/excellence” as key principles of the organization. We seek to be pious and honorable in our thoughts and actions and virtuous in our relationships with mortals and immortals as we strive for excellence in keeping with traditional Hellenic polytheistic practices.

The group
Elaion is an organisation with a proactive remit and emphasis on traditional ethics and values. The Hellenic revival in the West is growing, and worshippers need organisational support to establish worship groups, connect with other like-minded individuals, and gain greater fulfilment in their spiritual lives.

Whilst newcomers to Dodekatheism are welcome in Elaion, the organisation is particularly sensitive to the requirements of people who are comfortable in their Hellenic spirituality, and who seek dialogue and engagement with others like themselves. Elaion is an organisation that welcomes wisdom and experience.

The goals of our organization include:

  1. To assist members in establishing local worship groups (thiasoi);
  2. To provide support and resources to members and their worship groups;
  3. To provide resources and information to those who are interested in our religion;
  4. To promote our religion through articles, workshops and other forms of outreach.

Our bylaws are available here.

Elaion is currently a small organisation. Rather then impose a top-heavy management structure upon a small organisation, we prefer that administration grows in response to the needs of the group, ensuring that we can be as dynamic and flexible as possible. For this reason, we have planned a three-tiered administrative roll-out.

Whilst the group is small, leadership roles are unofficially demarcated, and the central focus on the group is on the development of key projects and the honing of Elaion’s mission. We are planning, networking and writing administration and policy in order to isolate the best strategies for the future. The rate of growth will determine when Elaion establishes out a more formal group structure.

Under Phase 1, the development of the organisation is being managed by two key groups:

  • The Elaion Core: Constituted largely by founding members, Elaion Core is the group that is driving the development and evolution of the organisation. Members of the Core are shouldering the bulk of the work involved in establishing Elaion.
  • The Membership Council: The Council is constituted by three Elaion Core who are managing the membership and administrative processes. They have been appointed by the consensus of Elaion Core.