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We offer a number of ways to connect with others, including the Elaion Facebook group. In addition we have initiated a charity circle named Pandora’s Kharis and have arranged Practicing Apart Together (PAT) Rituals for all members around the world to become involved in. In our ‘About‘ section, we explain all initiatives more in-depth.

You may join any of our groups described below. Once you have introduced yourself to the group and are comfortable with Elaion and traditional practice we advocate, you may contact the Membership Council (, who will then send an Affiliate Membership application.

In an effort to accommodate our members, Elaion has recently expanded to Facebook which includes some of the features of the forum: to allow members to ask questions, get involved, and connect.

Pandora’s Kharis
Pandora’s Kharis is a movement which arose from within the Hellenistic Polytheistic community, and sponsored by Hellenistic Polytheistic organization Elaion. Its goal is to come together as Hellenists – worshippers of the ancient Hellenic (Greek) Gods – and collect funds monthly to support a worthy cause, decided upon by vote from the members of the group. Donations are collected throughout the month and provided to the organization on the Noumenia; the religious beginning of the new month, which coincides with the return of the first crescent of the moon after it’s just gone through its dark phase. It is a time of hope and promise, and Pandora’s remaining gift after the amphora was opened was exactly that. As such, she has been elected to represent what we stand for: to keep an open eye of wonder towards the world, to see the good in it, and to offer hope to those in need.

Our discussion forum is on Facebook and can be found here. The forum is closed to insure the privacy of group members; pitches of worthy causes can get quite personal and discussions can potentially be heated; both of which, Elaion’s administrators monitor to facilitate safe discussion. We invite all Hellenic Polytheists to join Pandora’s Kharis and to help us make this initiative a success!

Practicing Apart Together (PAT) Rituals
The internet—and especially e-mail, forums, and social media—has made it possible to connect to anyone, anywhere, anytime. There are many forums, groups, and lists where one can find other modern practitioners and Elaion is a good example. Yet, communicating is not the same as worshipping with others, conducting rituals together at or near the same time. Discussions may be very in-depth and religious but worshipping together strengthens the relationship with the Gods and Goddesses of Hellas. Elaion’s position is that Hellenistic religious discussion should include communal worship, and that communal worship needs something more: shared ritual. That is the basic foundation of group worship and of PAT—Practicing Apart Together.

Practicing Apart Together is based on the premise of ‘Living Apart and yet Together’ forming relationships where partners in homes around the world form a household; PAT rituals are performed at your own home but aligned with others around the globe. There are, of course, various ways to go about this. The simplest way is to decide on a date, a time, and a purpose and to honor in your own way. It is also possible to match time tables so all participants are executing the libations or rituals at the exact same time. Elaion organises several PAT rituals a year, for which we provide a date, time, and ritual outline which anyone joining can follow. The experiences and images are shared on Elaion Facebook in order to bring the community closer.

Our currently published rituals can be found here.

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