Why are you reviving a dead religion?

Over the last fifteen hundred years, evangelical monotheism has gone to great lengths to stamp out religious diversity wherever it has found it. Western culture no longer practices its indigenous religions; we have no culturally based alternative to Christianity.

In the West, people who seek a religious life are faced with a poverty of choice. Pre-Christian religions have had a resurgence and bring with them tradition imbedded forms of meaning, including different conceptions of the self, the soul, and the ‘good life’. They allow us to sanctify a world that has succumbed to nihilistic demythologization. In our own lives, we have found pre-Christian religion to be a powerful and rejuvenating force. For many centuries, Dodekatheism has lived on in the ancient Classics, the arts, music, and literature. It is interwoven throughout Western Civilization and it is time the Gods are honored for their many blessings and incredible contributions to human civilization.

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