What’s the difference between Greek and Roman religion?

Greek religion was one of the most dominant religious forms of the pre-Christian Mediterranean period. The Romans incorporated aspects of Hellenic mythology and practice into their own religions at a very early period, however, they represent two very distinct religious traditions.

Religio Romana extends a number of Hellenic concepts beyond the bounds that a traditional ethnikoi would recognize; where Hellenic interaction between mortal and God is characterized by a ‘compact’ or flexible system of exchange, Roman ritual is highly contractual and there is great pressure for it be word-perfect, since it represents a legal agreement between god and man. Where Dodekathiesm recognized the deification of mythological heroes in recognition for their great works, the Roman Religion, tightly welded to the mechanisms of politics, commonly deified its emperors and authority figures as Gods. The household Lares and Penates honored in Rome were also absent from any Greek house.

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