What is the place of magic in Dodekatheism?

The basic Hellenic principles include themis (sacred law) and moira (portion, fate), which establish the appropriate distinction between humankind and the Gods. It is on this basis that we reject occult or ‘magical’ beliefs and practices. We understand Dodekatheism to embrace a wholehearted dedication to the great and holy Gods of Hellas, and a willingness to live ones life in accordance with the principles of piety, tradition and honour.

Such a worldview necessarily precludes any allegiance to  such things as magic, occultism, ‘neopaganism’ (as related to Wicca and its offshoots), and Christianity. In the same spirit of the apologists and polemics of late antiquity, we view these things as variants of atheism: denial of the Gods. Any system of belief which either denies the existence of or assigns an inferior position to the Gods is incompatible with Dodekatheism.

Magic that is not acceptable within the Dodekatheist life includes “ceremonial magic”, Wicca, “witchcraft”, Hermeticism, “theurgy”, or any practice in which a person believes or attempts to enact their will using human “magical” powers, or most especially the divine powers of the gods at their command. We do not accept this as pious behavior, nor do we think that it is conducive to healthy spiritual practices.

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