How is Dodekatheism different from ‘reconstrucionism’?

‘Reconstructionism’ is an approach to pre-Christian religion that incorporates academic research and historical accuracy. Our spiritual practices certainly fall within the bounds of ‘reconstructionism’. However, our approach to Dodekatheism takes ongoing academic research and incorporates the spirit and intent of ancient practice. It moves the focus from ‘what you do’, in terms of ‘accurate’ in rituals and practices, to ‘the spirit and essence of ritual practice’.

In Dodekatheism, the most important aspect of a religion is that you find consonance with the ‘inner life’ of our theology. The values and beliefs that are central to Hellenic spirituality should also be central to you, or else it seems that the religion may not be a good fit for you and your life, no matter how ‘historically accurate’ your ritual practice might be.

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