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On this page, Elaion presents a list of the festivals of ancient Hellas, arranged in sequence over the year. Throughout this document, the names of the months are those used by the ancient Athenians as the Athenian calendar is more completely known.

4 – Aphrodisia – festival of Aphrodite and Peitho (Persuasion), where the temple was purified with dove’s blood, the altars cleansed, and the two statues washed.
12 – Kronia – festival in honor of Kronos
16 / 15-16Sunoikiacommunity festival in Athens. Sacred to Athena. Two-day celebration every other year.
21 – Sacrifice to Kourotrophos, (Hekate &) Artemis at Erkhia
23-30Panathanaia – main celebration on the twenty-eighth in honor of Athena. Greater held in the third year of each Olympiad, Lesser held annually for fewer days.

(?) Metageitnios – most likely a festival of neighborhood, dedicated to Apollon Metageitnios (‘changing neighbors’).
(?)Herakleia – in honor of Herakles at Kunosarges gymnaisium outside Athens
12 – Sacrifice to Demeter at the Attic deme of Erkhia
12 – Sacrifice to Zeus Polieus, Athena Polias, and Apollon Lykeios in Athens
15-18Eleusinia – games held on forth year of every Olympiad, and on a lesser scale on the second year.
16Sacrifice to Kourotrophos, Hekate & Artemis at Erkhia
19Sacrifice to The Heroines at Erkhia
20Sacrifice to Hera ‘Telkhinia’ at Erkhia
25Sacrifice to Zeus Epoptes at Erkhia

2Niketeria – festival in honor of Athena, Nike, and perhaps Poseidon
3Plataia – festival of reconciliation, sacred to Hera Daidala
4Sacrifice to Basile in Erkhia
5Genesiapublic festival for the dead in honor of Gaea
5Sacrifice to Epops at Erkhia
6Kharisteria – festival in honor of Artemis Agrotera
7 – Boedromia – a festival of thanksgiving for Apollon as a god who rescues people in war.
12Democratiafestival in honor of Democracy
13-23Eleusinian Greater Mysteriesin honor of Demeter
17 Epidauriain honor of Asklēpiós
27Sacrifice to the Nymphs, Achelous, Alochus, Hermes & Gaea at Erkhia
27Sacrifice to Athena at Attic deme of Teithras


6 – Proerosia – agricultural festival for Demeter held at Eleusis, after the oracle of Delphi told the Athenians to commence this festival to end the current famin. First fruits (mostly grain) were given to Demeter.
7Pyanepsia – festival in honor of Apollon and Theseus
8Theseiafestival in honor of Theseus
8 – Oskhophoria – festival of the vintage (grapes)
9Steniawomen’s festival in honor of Demeter and Persephone
11-13Thesmophoriafestival in honor of Demeter
14Sacrifice to The Heroines at Erkhia
19-21? Apatouria – paternity festival. The first day (Dorpia) was celebrated with a communal feast within the brotherhood, the second day (‘Anarrhusis’) sacrifice were made to Zeus Phratrios and Athena Phratria, and the third day (‘Koureotis’) young boys admitted to their father’s brotherhood.
30Khalkeiafestival in honor of Athena and Hephaestus.

(10?) – Pompaiafestival in honor of Zeus Meilikhios (‘Kindly’) and Hermes.
(16?) – Maimakteria – festival for Zeus Maimaktes (‘Blustering’) to be gentle come winter.

(?)Rustic or Lesser Dionysia in honor of Dionysos
5Plerosia festival at Attic deme of Myrrhinus
8 (or equinox) – Poseidea – festival in honor of Poseidon
16Sacrifice to Zeus Horios at Erkhia
26Haloa – fertility festival in honor of Dionysus and Demeter. Pomegranates, apples, eggs, fowls, and some species of fish were not to be consumed during the festivities.

8Sacrifice to Apollon Apotropaius, Apollon Nymphegetes, & the Nymphs at Erkhia
9Sacrifice to Athena at Erkhia
12-15 – Lenaiafestival in honor of Dionysus in the Attic deme of Limnai
27 – Theogamia/Gameliacelebrating the sacred marriage of Zeus Teleios and Hera Telei
27Sacrifice to Kourotrophos, Hera, Zeus Teleius, and Poseidon at Erkhia

2Sacrifice to Dionysus at Erkhia
11-13Anthesteria – wine festival in honor of Dionysus
20-26Lesser Mysteries in preparation for the Eleusinian Mysteries
23 – Diasiafestival in honor of Zeus Meilichios

6 – Elaphebolia – festival in honor of Artemis
8Asklepieiain honor of Asklēpiós
10-14/10-17 Greater (City) Dionysia in honor of Dionysus
15 – Galaxia – in honor of the Mother of the Gods (Rhea), Kronos, Zeus and Hera
17 – Pandiafestival in honor of Zeus, following the Greater Dionysia

4? – Sacrifice to Eros
6Delphinia – in honor of Artemis, and perhaps Apollon and Theseus
16Mounikhia – festival in honor of Artemis as the moon Goddess and Mistress of the animals
19Olympieiafestival in honor of Olympian Zeus
20Sacrifice to Leucaspis at Erkhia
21Sacrifice to Tritopatores at Erkhia

4Sacrifice to Leto, Pythian Apollon, Zeus, Hermes & Dioskuri at Erkhia
6 – Sacrifice to Demeter Khloe at Erkhia
6-7Thargelia – birthday of Apollon and Artemis
16Sacrifice to Zeus Epakrios at Erkhia
19Bendideia – festival in honor of Thracian Goddess Bendis
19Sacrifice to Menedeius at Erkhia
Between 20 and 25Kallunteriaspring cleaning of the Temple of Athena
25Plynteria – festival of washing, where the statue of athena was removed from the city of Athens to be cleaned. Auspicious day.

3Arrephoria – festival in honor of Athena; or, Arretophoria. Ending of the priestess term at the temple of Athena, for young handmaidens
3Sacrifice to Kourotrophos, Athena Polias, Aglaurus, Zeus Polieus, Poseidon & possibly Pandrosos at Erkhia
12Skirophoria – festival in honor of Athena, Poseidon, Apollon & Demeter; the Tritopatores were worshipped at Marathon on the eve of this festival
14 – Dipolieia/Bouphonia – festival in honor of Zeus Poleius
28/29 (last day) – Sacrifice to Zeus the Savior and Athene the Savior

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